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Half-Assed Writing Tips #352 - Diary of a Necromancer
Excuse me, I'm making perfect sense, you're just not keeping up
Half-Assed Writing Tips #352
The Prequel's Progress: 30670, which includes having cut out and replaced about 300 other words since the last total I posted, so about a thousand for the session. Trying to get on the stick about racking up more days like these, although I've already stretched the writing tip of "when you're stuck, feed them" about to the breaking point and have had to resort to the sub-tip "when you're really stuck, give someone a Brazilian bikini wax" for further inspiration. (And actually managed to reinforce the Antagonist's characterization as a byproduct in the process, so overall I'm counting this one in the plus column for now, odd as the whole idea might sound.) When rested I shall see about having a go at the big set-piece scene that the Narrator had to have the Brazilian bikini-wax for... assuming he's not going off to sulk about it on me for the next month, of course.

As to my "real life", nothing to report, beyond a vague feeling of coming down with something which has dragged on for so long without actually turning into a real illness that I conclude it's just that it's February. Blargh.


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