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mm, productivity... - Diary of a Necromancer
Excuse me, I'm making perfect sense, you're just not keeping up
mm, productivity...
Progress report for current submission plan:

•woke up when Mum's alarm went off at quarter to six (no, I don't know why this has become my schedule this week, and I'm damn annoyed about it), ate, pottered about a bit, and at 10 AM applied seat of pants to desk-chair

•fooled about making sure all pages would have their non-standard header on properly

•discovered that existing synopsis came out to exactly one single-spaced page in font and size already used to print chapter sample; did small snoopy-dance of delight at not having to rewrite anything

•wrote cover letter, mostly restating the obvious

•keyed in "CHAPTER ___" list for writing Dreaded Outline, and knocked off for lunch. Distressed to find there was no vegetable soup left; ate spaghettios instead.

•reapplied seat of pants to desk chair, circa 11:45 AM.

•applied forehead to keyboard until words fell out, manfully resisting temptation to log onto LJ to complain about Media noncoverage of the electoral college protest yesterday, or to pop in the Diablo 2 CD winking alluringly at me from the upper level of my desk

•circa 4:45 PM, actually finished writing outline. Very surprised at Self. Will see in a few hours whether Mum thinks it's in English.

(Why it took 5 hours to write "3-5 sentences" describing thirteen already-existing chapters and an epilogue is a lingering worry, but then again it took several months to settle the synopsis down, so I suppose it's just the way my brain works. If the results of all this effort stand up in the morning, I'll try to get them mailed off Mondayish...)

•And then finally logged on to discover that not only has my paid account expired, LJ has apparently sold itself to the gypsies. Jeez, can't I leave you guys alone for two days?

feeling: accomplished accomplished

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