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behold, the wonders of the internet - Diary of a Necromancer
Excuse me, I'm making perfect sense, you're just not keeping up
behold, the wonders of the internet
Went to Google image-search for a picture of a gummi bear and got a crash course in German fetish gear. Now I can't remember what I needed the picture of the gummi bear for. The gummi bear porn didn't help, either. (It was also German. I fear to speculate.)

The Prequel's Progress: 26647. Muse finally turned up, stinking of gin, and promptly passed out in the bathtub; fortunately she talks in her sleep. I now know why I have been picturing a certain area of the building where most of the book takes place both with and without an elevator, and where the Narrator came by his cat. Considering handcuffing Muse to faucet until she explains the above in more detail. (Note to self: need handcuffs. See German fetishists?)

Finished atlanticat's other glove during the debate last night. Other than that, I've been thinking I'd have been better served by going to Boardgames MeetUp instead, since the knitting was all that was keeping me awake at times. Even the Media Hordes seem subdued about it, not so much because it was "only" the Veepstakes, but because it stank. Someone characterized it as ninety minutes of "he said, she said", and I'd say that's about right... But Friday's presidential round 2 ought to be a hoot. Any takers for a pool on what minute Goober starts turning red this time?

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