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Apres moi, le deluge - Diary of a Necromancer
Excuse me, I'm making perfect sense, you're just not keeping up
Apres moi, le deluge
Oh, charming. One tries not to deal in conspiracy theories, but it's an uphill battle these days...

Arrived very late at the movie in Grant Park last night because the Red Line was slowed to a crawl between Lawrence and Belmont for some reason, only to find that even if rollick's alleged balloons were in evidence in the sea of humanity, it was almost too dark to have spotted them. I went along one side of the field, down another, turned onto the midfield path, and stopped at a lamppost in the approximate middle of the grounds, wondering if I ought to just park my cellphoneless butt down somewhere -- and a sudden tap on my shoulder turned out to be lcohen: yes, kids, I had come to a stop about fifteen feet in front of rollick's position. Movie experience quite enjoyable, although I seem to have sprained my butt plopping back down on the blankets after a bathroom run.

There was drizzle from about halfway into the picture, but the real rain considerately held off until the closing credits had rolled. And by "real rain" I mean soaking, torrential, umbrella-eating buckets of rain. Fortunately car-owning lcohen was kind enough to give the Red Line contingency lifts home in the wet, so we wouldn't have to freeze all the way north on the Slow Boat To Howard.

Butt still aches. Haven't checked soaked-through shoes yet. Overall, a memorable evening...


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