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tenterhooks - Diary of a Necromancer
Excuse me, I'm making perfect sense, you're just not keeping up
Much to my surprise the revised Query Letter actually looks pretty good in the sober light of morning. I'll triplecheck the next Agent's specific requirements so I can perform any individual tailoring necessary and see about sending it out early in the week.

Landlady making Ominous Noises once again. Various options are being explored, and I went so far as to pick up applications for two part-time jobs the library is trying to fill. Wouldn't be much, but what the hell, I'm sick of the Involuntary Simplicity gig. Keep your fingers crossed that they'll even be able to read my handwriting.

Landlady's Ominous Noises also seem to suggest that the workmen are never coming back because she'd rather just renovate the apartment in its entirety and she's hoping we'll get fed up and leave before she has to go to the trouble of booting us out. Argh.

Ended up driving down Michigan Avenue tonight on an errand; no wonder the Talking Heads think the economy's roaring right along when they see all those shoppers swarming in and out of the expensive boutiques. Wonder if they've stopped to consider how many of the shoppers are in denial about their credit-card statements, or what it means when there's a busker on every corner and in the middle of each block on both sides of the street... (Which got quite funny at the intersection at Chicago, with a string quartet and a brass ensemble having to take turns because otherwise no one could hear either side!) The picture's not so rosy up here beyond the tourist districts, though. Not that the Talking Heads would ever bestir themselves to venture out of their privileged Emporio Armani coccoons. {grumble}

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