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Ripening Day. The Vampire's Lament. - Diary of a Necromancer
Excuse me, I'm making perfect sense, you're just not keeping up
Ripening Day. The Vampire's Lament.
It turns out to be not all that big a deal to get up to Old Orchard by public transit, provided it's a nice day out and one isn't afraid of a bit of a walk. I headed off for bargain day at the Brandeis sale Friday by way of the Yellow Line, which deposits one about a mile from the mall proper. In theory, there are buses to cover the rest of the distance, but I find that it's usually faster to head off on foot than to wait around for the "convenience" of being stuck in traffic, so I hiked the rest of the way from the Swift (and didn't see any buses the while, which rather makes my point). The sale was pretty skinned-out, to the point where people were remarking upon it, but I still managed to fill my rucksack, and had to throw a few selections back knowing that I'd be hating myself on the walk back to the Swift if I didn't. (Note to self for future: this is an excellent strategy for keeping the house from getting filled up with books...) The eventual haul:

  • (hard) He, She, and It, Marge Piercy
  • (pb) Frankenstein, Mark Shelley
  • (trade pb) Culture Shock! Norway
  • (pb) the Dove Looked In, Gael Baudino
  • (hard) White Teeth, Zadie Smith
  • (hard) the autobiography of Benvenuto Cellini
  • (hard) Bloodrights, N. Lee Wood
  • (hard) How to Set Up for a Mah-Jongg Game and other lost arts
  • (trade pb) the Story of English

So 9 titles of various interest to the Author for the staggering sum of $4.50, woohoo. (Particularly pleased to find He, She and It because the Evanston library's only extant copy of same lives at the North Branch, which would mean either spending .50 to have the main branch fetch it over for me or spending .50 of gas to go over and get it myself, something I had been dithering about for a couple of weeks because I am lazy as well as cheap.) Once again failed to come across Ulysses, Lord of the Rings, or Pullman's Dark Materials trilogy. (One would think that by now the used market would be saturated with copies of LotR because of the films, but I guess by bargain day they're long gone.)

Walked back to the Swift along Skokie to investigate the NeoPets plushies supply status at the McDonald's at the corner of Dempster and Skokie, but alas, the three choices on offer were moehogs, grundos, and ixis, so I got a chocolate shake instead. (Oddly enough, the McDonald's within the Old Orchard food court is still giving out the weird big-nosed dogs from the previous promotion.) Then, having undone all my virtuous walking with said shake, I decided to walk home from the Howard station instead of taking the Red Line, making for a total of about three miles for the day.

Got home at 5:30 to find a message on the phone from karenb2 offering me a ride to the sale. Ah, irony. :)

Somewhere shortly after arriving home, I dozed off, and except for a trip out Sunday afternoon for a few errands I was pretty well out of things between then and Monday afternoon. Not sure why, it wasn't that much exertion. Perhaps going into Friday's adventure somewhat sleep-deprived had something to do with it. If anyone was expecting anything of me over the weekend, I do apologize, but I wouldn't have been awake enough to be present anyway. It's the vampire thing, you see, it being the longest day of the year and all...

And speaking of which, the summer solstice is the day that Snip came into our household, one year ago. I would have marked the occasion by going out and dancing naked around something, but it rained.

Oh, and I turned my right ankle on the walk, but it's my left ankle that's been hurting all weekend. Huh?

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donia From: donia Date: June 22nd, 2004 04:55 am (UTC) (permalink this entry)
Dancing naked in the rain is the best!
karenb2 From: karenb2 Date: June 22nd, 2004 09:09 am (UTC) (permalink this entry)
I saw a copy of The Golden Compass, but I think it was over in the Children's section.

You can find all the Pullman books at the Sulzer library, if access is more important than ownership.
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