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Lifestyles of the Easily Distracted - Diary of a Necromancer
Excuse me, I'm making perfect sense, you're just not keeping up
Lifestyles of the Easily Distracted
Administrivia: please notice that the "manuscript status" box has been updated to reflect that I've given up on ever hearing from Agent #1, so Tuesday some materials went out to Agent #2. Agent #2 prefers to operate in a three-step process (query, 1st 3/50, request manuscript) so this means two opportunities to Angst over the speed of the mails...

Yesterday the phone rang right before noon, a sound that always makes me cringe, but for once it was a bit of good news: apparently Mum's name got picked out of the box from a drawing at the market where we buy Snip the Princess' fancy litter, and she's won a $25 gift certificate. This would represent either:

A) dutifully stocking up on a 2 month supply of kitty-litter,


B) an orgy of organic treats for the humans.

A would be the sensible choice, of course, since with a supply of kitty-litter laid in for the foreseeable future we could fold the $$ we would otherwise have been spending on it back into the grocery budget, or at worst treat ourselves to the occasional decadent snack for the next couple of weeks. Mm, veggie sushi for breakfast again...

Mum, in fact, attempted to make veggie sushi last night for supper. I use the word "attempted" advisedly. As she remarked, "Now I see why it's $5 a box at the market..." So I don't think she'll be trying that again any time soon, although it was quite nice to wake up to a bento box of leftovers this morning.

As to myself, I woke up at noon with Grand Intentions, and have gotten absolutely none of it done so far. Off to knitting MeetUp at 7, perhaps that will make me feel as if I've at least achieved some Socialization Goals to show for the day...

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