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Weekend Update - Diary of a Necromancer
Excuse me, I'm making perfect sense, you're just not keeping up
Weekend Update
Pursuant to a conversation with violachic at the "Take Back the Prom" event:

L: oh ricky
L: what a pity, don't you understand
L: that every day's a rerun and the laughter's always canned
R: oh lucy
R: i'm the latin leader of the band
R: so here's to you lucy
R: let's babaloo lucy, too lucy
R: everybody rumba!

The house across the street was on the market for a week and a half and sold yesterday morning for $1,250,000+. And then when we came in with the groceries after peeking in at their open-house, I surprised and killed an Insect of Suspicious Character that had been lurking about in our dreary lobby. And people wonder why I get into these "eat the rich" kinds of moods...

After the "smacking around" comment I made on Thursday, my Muse went off in a huff to call Amnesty International, and didn't turn up again until I got to the "Take Back the Prom" event, where she decided to bombard me with plotbunnies to the point where I was having some trouble staying in the moment. (Such is the life of the writer.) So now I have the Query Letter to work up and a bunch of plotbunnies to chase around the room with a spork this afternoon. But I did get my copying done, at least. Now if I could only find the packet of labels I'm convinced I recollect purchasing some while back so I can mail all this lot out when I'm done with it... {sigh}

Longtime Readers may have noticed the extended absence of the "Indiscretions of Snip's Bladder" series I had been running and rejoiced; alas, her three-month dry streak ended Saturday morning during a moment's lapse of Mum's attention. But even so, I think we can say that we've now proven that the way to keep her in line is the proper brand of clumpy-litter, changed on alternating weekends and scooped out religiously. Although why she has to pee in our beds when she's unhappy and not in the dirty laundry like a normal cat is still anyone's guess. Luckily for her she's grown up cute.

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