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Harrumph. - Diary of a Necromancer
Excuse me, I'm making perfect sense, you're just not keeping up
The Prequel's Progress: 20534, whereupon the Narrator curled up like a pillbug and started Angsting at me so I went to take a nap. Still not heard from Agent #1 RE the query letter mailed 2/21, which is clearly having a depressive effect on my ability to concentrate on the prequel work. I think what I shall do, given the time of year, is make preparations to haul myself up to wiscon in the hopes of buttonholing some Agently prospects in the flesh... I have heard that this sort of thing sometimes works better than the process of cold-calling by snail, assuming one is the sociable smalltalky sort which I am decidedly not. But here's hoping that wiscon is the sort of convention to attract that sort of attendee... {sigh} I think I can get the $$ together for the convention itself, but the better I can do RE scrounging up a ride and accommodations on the cheap (IE a corner of someone's floor), the better, so I suppose I ought to go start haunting said sort of discussion-boards, unless the Chicago LJ community have already got any sort of plans in place thereto? {looks about hopefully}

Nothing much else going on lately to provide incentive to leave my burrow, either: between the weather and the news a certain "fuck it, I'll just sit here playing NeoPets until the Apocalypse" attitude has seemed warrranted these last couple of weeks. For example, I hear that IL and specifically Chicago are slated to receive $40 million in anti-terrorism funds, which sounds spiffy on the face of it until one actually does the math and realizes that this is more or less the equivalent of giving everybody in the city $10 and sending them over to Home Despot for duct tape and plastic wrap, assuming one could even get much duct tape and plastic wrap at Home Despot for $10 these days. Granted I am a cynic, but the absurdity quotient has risen to perilous levels. I've not been at all pleased to see that my earlier assessment of the Iraq situation seems to be being borne out, either. If some random paranoid idiot like me can figure that out a year before the combined might of the US intelligence services, it doesn't exactly speak well to the intellectual capacities of those we call our current government.

But then, I am a storyteller by natural inclination, and therefore not perhaps the most representative random paranoid idiot when it comes to postulating worst-case political scenarios. I'm happy if half the stuff I can come up with doesn't turn out to be true.

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