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That Was The Year That Wasn't Exactly - Diary of a Necromancer
Excuse me, I'm making perfect sense, you're just not keeping up
That Was The Year That Wasn't Exactly
Apparently in a few hours the clock here strikes 2015. Given that I've had to repeatedly remind myself even up to this past week that no, that thing from last April isn't still an imminent "to-do", I'd say that I've reached the point where I've definitively lost any capacity I may ever have had to keep track of such trifles as linear time. But, insofar as I can reconstruct the passage of 2014 at all, the highlight was the appearance of "Ffydd (Faith)" in Long Hidden, because it's basically the only thing I remember from the last few months that didn't involve yarn in some capacity. Ahem.

Plans, insofar as I'm any good at making them, for the coming year:

  • Continuing to plug away at the not-exactly-a-putting-on-trousers-to-join-the-army story for a submission deadline of 30th April; current status 1350 words towards minimum of 2k, and reminding myself constantly that I did manage to turn out 3k-word "Ffydd" within the time I still have remaining now.

  • Continuing to plug away on Hiraeth, hopefully with more timely results than for 2014, which I choose to blame on Inner Trevor being in thirty-seven flavours of funk about it being 2014. (He even crapped out on a post about the Christmas Truce, after I took him to the "David Bowie Is..." show and everything...)

  • The Media Consumption project enters year ten, as soon as I get around to doing the previous year's maths.

  • This year's "year of blogging something stupid" attempt shall be to knit my way through a swatch-a-day calendar. By this time next year, I should have either a very large blanket, or a good reason to say someday we'll look back on this and laugh...

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