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a view into the mind of the Writer At Work - Diary of a Necromancer
Excuse me, I'm making perfect sense, you're just not keeping up
a view into the mind of the Writer At Work
The Prequel's Progress: WP's word count: 17,336; reason for stopping: realized I needed to elaborate upon a specific section of the floorplan for the passage I was working on (and discovered another windowless room in the process, which is why I've been drawing these plans for myself...).

Researched stable design while I was at it and came to a firmer estimate of how many horses the facility keeps on-site (the plans allow room for about 20, as they currently stand), which could suggest future plot-details if necessary... and found that there's simply no way around dragging wheelbarrows of fertilizer through the length of the building short of a complete redesign, so they're just going to have to live with that little inconvenience if they want to compost the stable's byproducts onto their garden vegetables. :) (Does horse-poop make good compost? Anyone? Anyone...? Damn, something else to go look up...){Later: yes indeedy it does, how did writers ever work before the internet :)}

Still having Issues with the building's roof, currently with its color. (It may or may not actually be Relevant, but it would certainly be nice to know for my own sake.) I know already, since it's in the text of the first Manuscript, that the building is ochre brick in a vaguely Prairie-School idiom (since the tech-level is circa 1900 and that seemed appropriate, so sue me), so I've narrowed it down to pantiles of either red or green; since it's Snip's first birthday soon we got a roll of film to document what a land-whale she's turned into, and I think next weekend I'll go out with what's left over from that and take some snaps of roughly appropriate buildings so I can do a side-by-side comparison -- on my list so far are Carl Schurz and the old Immaculata as examples of red/ochre(ish) and a fieldhouse visible from the inbound expressway (green/ochre), if anyone's familiar with other examples of large buildings such as fieldhouses and schools in the Chicago area that are yellowish brick with a corrugated-tile roof, suggestions are welcomed!!

In other news, Snip had herself an Adventure on Saturday. She walked out the front door as we were preparing to go out for the day and responded to our cajoling by proceeding defiantly down the stairs and into the lobby. Mum followed her down a hall and up onto the landing of another stairway, by which point the poor beast was vibrating with fear and quite in a state of mind to bite the hand that was rescuing her. Once repatriated to her own flat the creature slunk off under a bed, but had recovered sufficiently to greet us upon our return some hours later. It remains to be seen whether she ever dares set foot outside our door again...

My, I'm all over the place tonight. Off to fiddle with the floorplans some more and hopefully by then I'll be settled enough to contribute some more to that word-count figure...

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