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three pics make a post, I guess? ... I got nothin'. - Diary of a Necromancer
Excuse me, I'm making perfect sense, you're just not keeping up
three pics make a post, I guess? ... I got nothin'.
I have several potential Posts Of Some Length rattling around in my head, but I'm feeling extremely disinclined to word of late, possibly because the last few months have been a blur of OMG DEADLINE and five weeks of bronchitis and then six weeks of Mum underfoot with a broken arm and then a week of the gas company digging in my lawn like psychotic gophers, so I'll try captioning a few recent snaps to see if I can't ease my way back into this blithering-at-the-internets thing now things are figuratively and literally a bit quieter around here:

My broccoli has finally, er, brocced. I had been about ready to pull it up to see how the stems would be in stir-fry, but I guess I'll leave it out there a while longer, so long as the weather seems to be holding anyway.

The blur in center is a coyote, well within city limits. Inner Jason says BRB FACEPALMING FOREVER.

And I was very glad that the naked tail I saw heading into my planters one evening did not belong to a ginormous rat, just this juvenile opossum. Not that I want it in my planter either, but still.

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