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why did I go into this line of work, again...?

Still going around and around with the Proposed Story on the question of the validity of the Narrator's motivations, vis-a-vis agency and gender-roles. Currently the hangup is that she seems to have dropped her work on a big External Emergency to come home and deal with a smaller Domestic Emergency; the problem I'm having with this is that I know that that's the choice that would be organic to this character, but I'm not at all sure that there's a way to pull this off in-text that won't automatically read as "oh, Family Concerns snap their fingers and the woman chucks her life to come running".

Is there a way to present her two possible paths as equally valid choices, and also make it clear that the decision to prioritise the domestic crisis at this time isn't being driven by a desire to conform to a woman's "expected" role? The Narrator would be the first in line to call bullshit on the idea that her place is in the home, but at the same time she's faced with a situation there that she not only needs to but wants to deal with...

{sigh} How much do bricklayers make per hour, again?
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