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...Huh. *Huh*. Really? ...Huh. - Diary of a Necromancer
Excuse me, I'm making perfect sense, you're just not keeping up
...Huh. *Huh*. Really? ...Huh.
Have just realised that the reason I am struggling so mightily with the bit-that-I'm-working-on-for-next is that the complex theological argument Muse has been trying to cram into it sideways is actually part of another (and completely unsuspected) scene altogether that needs to happen maybe-a-year-later in the linear narrative. So, hurray for lugging home two 600-page books to research the background of a VERY VERY MINOR CHARACTER {glares}, but I'm not entirely sure that this insight is actually going to help anything in the here-and-now of getting the next bit out... (Especially because this new-scene-I-didn't-know-I-needed will involve Trevor Getting Really Really Angry At Someone, and he is just lousy at that. It would be funny if I didn't have to try to figure out how to write it.)

Meanwhile, Nameseeker has compiled a rough draft of a Dramatis Personae for this Project:

Jason Olafsen-Turner: A Werewolf. Early 20s, Culinary Arts student. Tall, wears dreads.

Trevor Davies: A Vampire. B.1895, Swansea, Wales. T.1917/8. Short, rat-faced, wears an anorak.

Susan Olafsen Turner: Jason’s Mother, likewise a Werewolf. Teaches college. Small and blond.

Michael Turner: Jason’s Father, not a Werewolf. Also teaches college. Jamaican-Canadian.

Benjamin David "Button-Down" Olafsen-Turner: Jason’s Brother, likewise a Werewolf. Studying patent law at Northwestern. Gay. Many cats. Shaved head.

Sandra Elaine Olafsen-Turner: Jason’s Sister, likewise a Werewolf. In veterinary school. Hair in braids.

Leon and June Turner: Michael’s Parents. Live in Toronto.

Philip Turner: Michael’s younger Brother. (at least) Thrice divorced.

Martine: Philip’s Daughter.

Anders Olafsen: Susan’s Father. Lives in Minnesota.

Karin Lindstrom Olafsen: Susan’s late Mother.

Stuart: A Werewolf. Possessed of a greyhound named Irene.

Gran Lindstrom: Susan’s Grandmother. Lives in Minnesota, mostly speaks Swedish.

Nils: A despised Cousin.

David Lloyd: Sandra’s Boyfriend. A veterinarian. Australian, with Punjabi ancestry.

Mo (Maureen) Lloyd: David’s Mother.

Angela: Mo’s Partner.

Jill Makepeace: A Wendigo. Tall, brunette, Minnesotan. Ad-agency artist (very junior art director).

Miguel and Carlos: Trevor and Jason’s Neighbors. Latino.

"Max Sprytny": A Mysterious Older Man.

Anton: Max’s Partner. Polish. Devoutly Catholic.

Cecily: A Vampire from Trevor’s Past.

Trish: (One of) Jill’s Bosses.

Colleen O'Connell: Trevor's... boss is probably too strong a word, but a Person of Higher Responsibility than him at his workplace.

*A Memegwesi

*Trevor and Jason’s unpleasant Landlady (who may be a kumiho)

Note that this is the raw text with a couple of initial tweaks for clarity or missing/incorrect data (overall it's an amazingly attentive job of it, round of applause for Nameseeker and the Mad Reading-Comprehension Skillz); what needs to happen now is for y'all to have a look and tell me if there's anything that you would still like to see clarified for the purpose of a Dramatis Personae list, and then at some point I'll see if I can't get this info all sorted and pretty to be an entry on the sticky-post that I fully intend to write for "Hiraeth" at some point soonish and y'all need to hold me to that mmkay? (There will, I think, eventually be two versions of this list posted -- something in this format to tuck away as a reference-this-when-needed, and a main-cast short-form for readers who came in late to get up to speed...)

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