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Diary of a Necromancer
Excuse me, I'm making perfect sense, you're just not keeping up
2012 can also already bite me.
Noticed footprints on our back door as I was going out a few days ago, and now that I've taken a closer look it would appear that someone has made a pretty serious attempt to kick it in at some point fairly recently. Given the ongoing Vague Issues Around The Building That Appear To Be Somebody's Domestic situation that's been dragging on lately, which a series of emails this past week suggests may have escalated into "trying to get still-resident Tenant in trouble with the rest of the building" (an outside faucet left running all night, drug paraphernalia planted on the back stairs), I'm thinking this is of a piece with that rather than an unrelated attempt at unlawful entry. Still, we're rattled, and we'll have a go at filing a report if for no other reason than to back up the larger case that Vague Issue is indeed Srs Bzns. And if Tenant has been dumb enough to give Ex the new keys after we had to change the outside locks a few months ago to keep them out, I shall be very cross.

So long as my fragile sense of equilibrium has been disturbed too much to go to bed anyway, I've been meaning to do the First Lines Restrospective meme, so here's what 2011 looks like in the rearview:

January: No one EVER suspects the ficus.
OK, so, apparently Proper Form is to fess up once the Yuletide authors have been revealed...

[This year's Yuletide story, BTW, was "Fable", which was something of a digression for Muse: Pan Am retold as a fairy-tale. Um... Yeah.]

February: did I mention that she gets fired if she tries to take a snow-day...?
So, to distract myself from the bit where the company my Mum's company works for are being bastards and refusing to close for the blizzard, which means their subcontractors are forced to be out driving around in this mess, have another helping of Trevor & Jason, if anyone's still following along: It bewilders Jason that I walk by preference and not merely because it would have been all manner of awkwardness to present myself at the DMV to be photographed.

[Yeah, that was THAT blizzard, BTW.]

March: The long, dark teatime of the soul
Very... something... about something.

April: Thursdays seem to be good, yeah? Muse likes Thursdays...
[meme redacted] Turning on the dog-show was a mistake.

May: Aw, poop. (Pun intended.)
Y'know, I actually think it might be worse, to know that the reason you're having the meltdown is only tangentially related to what's overtly going on; it's still going to interfere with the ability to resolve the precipitating situation(s), and then you end up feeling even more fragile and useless for not being able to suck it up and solve things like anybody else seems to be able to.

June: what we have here is a failure to communicate
Every time I get stuck on a bit of this thing the Brainweasels go straight into the debate on whether anybody's writing is actually any good and maybe all artistic types would be better off packing it in to become bricklayers instead.

July: ...Gah. GAH, I say.
...One argument against cloud computing later, after the Phone Company went to upgrade something in the neighborhood and knocked out our service for two days... {sigh}

August: IDEK, man.
Bizarre incident tonight where the phone went out for the third time in a month, and then spontaneously healed itself after a surly rep told us it could be Saturday before they'd send somebody round.

September: well, if that meant THIS Saturday, somebody's still got their eyes...
I have a paper on my desk, which appears to be a to-do-list.

October: Huh. That was... Special.
The Saga of the Phone Line appears, knock wood, to finally have been resolved, and the killer turns out to have been a party no one suspected: corrosion inside the jack in my lair office bedroom, the one I get the SWEET SWEET DSL HAPPYTIEMZ from.

November: I hate it when the imaginary people in my head disagree with each other
Inner Trevor and Inner Jason want to know, apropos of a discussion they were having in the back of my head at the halloween parade: is it cultural appropriation to dress as a vampire even if you don't know that they're actually real, and would it be the equivalent of blackface to a werewolf to dress up as any sort of an animal?

December: Trevor and Jason's 'Thing Wot's Sort Of Like An Advent Calendar', #10
[meme text redacted] There's the obvious one for Trevor, of course, but he would probably place it, more subtly, at his decision to say I cannot in good conscience take up arms in this war, because to his mind that was the fulcrum to everything that followed.

Obviously the main things on my mind last year were the Trevor And Jason Show, brainweasels, and the phone line. Which were occasionally the same thing.

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