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2011. Door. ARSE.

2011's parting shot was a card in Saturday's mail from a cousin on my father's side, thanking us for the holiday card we'd sent to my aunt but explaining that said aunt had died... last June. I mean, if you ever wonder why I have no self-esteem whatsoever, man... Balancing out the oh jeez, faux-pas much? feeling is a vague, vain hope that they did get a bit of a jolt when they saw the address on our card and realized they'd missed telling someone, by quite a bit, but I find that overall it's too late even to really feel bad about the actual event and it's turned into more of an unfocused sensation of having been treated shabbily. Sigh. (And that's not even the side of the family that's given me enough holiday-sweaters over the years that I won a holiday-sweater-contest by turning up wearing five of them at once...)

NYE was rather a bust as a result. Managed to drag Mum out to a neighbor's party, and discovered on our way out of the house that her cat had done something so Unforgiveable in the cat-box that we both looked at it and said, Um, why don't we just bag the whole thing up and run over to the Jewel for a new box...? By this point enough of a pall had been cast over the entire evening that we only stayed at the party for about an hour, and I gave up and went to bed after the ball-drop, although I was still lying awake enough at local-midnight to hear the distant booming of the fireworks downtown. I am rather hoping that that was all of the leftover Suck working its way out of the system before things improve with a fresh year, although one suspects the prospects for that are not high.
Tags: brainweasels, this_so-called_life_of_mine
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