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Trevor and Jason's 'Thing Wot's Sort Of Like An Advent Calendar', #14 - Diary of a Necromancer
Excuse me, I'm making perfect sense, you're just not keeping up
Trevor and Jason's 'Thing Wot's Sort Of Like An Advent Calendar', #14
14.)  How does your character react to temperature changes such as extreme heat and cold?

Trevor doesn't like them. His temperature is on the low side to begin with, and on top of that he weighs about 140 with his shoes on, so he's particularly wont to complain about the cold leeching away what body-heat he is able to scrape up, but he's also usually the first one to start feeling the effects of heat as well. Basically he's not very happy being outside of a narrow range that looks suspiciously like the climate of south Wales.

Jason is the floundering-around-out-in-the-snow sort, the grandchild who'd be out hunting with Susan's father long after his siblings and cousins had headed back to base for hot cider, and gleefully tells stories about surprising the staff at an ice-hotel with his "big-not-exactly-white-guy fluent in Swedish" routine. He's not as fond of hot weather, but mostly because he's usually already in a kitchen on top of that; left alone to shed as many layers as he can get away with, he'll cope.

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