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A mus once bit my sister... - Diary of a Necromancer
Excuse me, I'm making perfect sense, you're just not keeping up
A mus once bit my sister...
Today was supposed to have been spent on a cosplay shoot, but I discovered a few days ago that a local culinary-arts college was having an open-house at the same time, so Inner Jason insisted I attend that instead (and it is actually this very school's program that had enough of its materials on-line for me to finally get a proper sense of how his courses are structured and what they're about, so yay for digging deeper on the research?). It was deeply Neat; I got to sample a few things that I probably don't want to know what they were, and I've come away with enough practical minutia about the experience of doing a full culinary-arts BA to keep Muse happy for a good long while, so all in all it was probably the best call for the day. And I even have a context now for the scene where they're in the laundry room joking with the Spanish-speaking neighbors about chupacabra...

I did, however, emerge from that in plenty of time to go catch up with the second half of the cosplay shoot, which meant a hike to the Red Line that providentially allowed for a stop at an Apple Store to finally replace the frickin' mouse that's actually been misbehaving since before George was even born. (And as to the passing of Steve Jobs, lector, si monumentum requiris, circumspice.) New Mouse is a step backwards from a wireless to the current wired model of that same form-factor, since the freaky touchscreentop model is A) too small for my hands and B) seems like asking for trouble when I'm barely coordinated enough to use one that's not trying to misinterpret my every twitch; I have already got caught on the cord twice and I just turned this damn thing on, but I'll get the (literal) kinks worked out eventually. Or not. It will, at any rate, be nice to not be losing signal every couple of minutes, assuming the ports hold up...

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