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Braaains? Braains, braains braains 588-1111 braains, braains. - Diary of a Necromancer
Excuse me, I'm making perfect sense, you're just not keeping up
Braaains? Braains, braains braains 588-1111 braains, braains.
Finally had the opportunity to watch the two shows that my PBS pledge-drive-volunteer slot covered and OMG WHY DIDN'T ANYBODY TELL ME I HAVE SUCH A GIGANTIC HEAD???!? I mean, I know I'm always knitting the largest-size hat, but srsly, I look like Charlie Brown. With purple hair. A hunchbacked, purple-haired, perky Charlie Brown. I am going to be the first one to go when the zombiepocalypse comes, man.

Aaanyway. It was interesting to be on the annoy-er end of the pledge-drive experience for the once. The callers were nice, for the most part, because it kind of stands to reason that they want to talk to you; I only had one who seemed a bit put-out that his wife had pledged earlier and we were still on his television. (You are allowed to tell any Creepy Stalker type callers who want you to say which one you are on tv that the segment isn't live, even if it is -- interesting factoid, they actually only tape some shows with volunteers on-set and then they re-run that tape later in the drive, to save on production costs, so if you're camera-shy you can ask for non-live slots.) I think I only took half a dozen or so calls over the six segments, because I was apparently somewhere at the tail end of the circuit and my phone was always one of the last to ring. Which I am totally good with, although I got on-camera more when I was on calls because I was sitting right behind a presenter's head and you could only see me when I was wriggling around talking to my callers... (There was one segment where I didn't get a call at all, which I felt bad about because, dude, David Garrett? I wanted one of those damn tickets.) I am apparently a very, very animated person when I'm in Game Face Mode for things.

We also got a quick look around during one of our downtimes, and got to check out the dedicated "Chicago Tonight" set, which is both smaller and larger than it looks -- the pledge-breaks are taped in the biiig studio, which is the biggest permanent soundstage in the city (and weirdly anechoic from soundproofing, it's creepy for such a large space to feel that dead), but CT's manages to cram a number of shooting positions into a room about the area of my condo, which is apparently both something of an accomplishment and the reason the show has those lengthy pauses where they're moving the cameras. That studio is next to the "At The Movies" set, but we only got a passing glimpse of the rows of theatre-seats because we needed to be back on the air.

The gig included dinner (the penne had peas in, I was trying not to giggle) and then ice cream in a later downtime, and afterwards there was a Swag Table of miscellaneous stuff they've ended up with since the last drive (apparently the guest presenters keep leaving stacks of books), so overall I feel that I made a good night of it even without the warm-fuzzies from helping WTTW, which was such a tremendous influence in warping my childhood shaping my character into what you see here today.

(And no, I did not bring The Scarf. Although I did wear a discreet "the angels have the phonebox" shirt, purely for sentimental reasons...)

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ashnistrike From: ashnistrike Date: August 30th, 2011 04:10 am (UTC) (permalink this entry)
Should have shown off the scarf, man.

By the way, we learned today that there were actually two Frederick Law Olmsteds, father and son--both landscape architects, with the strange bits we talked about in the game about evenly divided between them. S has decided that it was one guy, using magic to extend his lifespan and passing as his own descendant.
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