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mmm, pea-nupp... - Diary of a Necromancer
Excuse me, I'm making perfect sense, you're just not keeping up
mmm, pea-nupp...
Posted mainly for my own reference later, but possibly useful to a few of you:

So we finally got hold of someone RE the common-area door, who went straight into the behind-on-assessments argument, as if that should have anything to do with whether we're allowed to have working phone and gas service for crying out loud; and then a little while later they called us back, having checked around because they apparently don't have a key themselves, swearing that the lock hadn't been changed. So we went to try it again, and Mum reached into the container on the fridge where we keep the key...

And sitting there under the key we'd been trying is a second, identical key, going, "FOOLED YOU!!" Which is the actual key to the common area. Now, we'd both been into that box while the phone guy was here, and neither of us had seen it then, so IDEK, man, IDEK. The pretender is the housekey that I bent in our front door a while back and had replaced for fear of snapping the weakened metal off in the lock at some point; my best guess is that either I absentmindedly dropped it in there for safekeeping, or I put it somewhere else for safekeeping and then Mum found it later and put it in there thinking it was the common-area key. Either way, where the scenario appears to have gone wrong was that when the first key didn't work in the lock, neither of us were thinking of the possibility of a second key being in the box under something (there are only four objects in the box, and two of them are stuck to the magnet that holds it onto the fridge), so we didn't tip it out to look.

I am claiming old age on her part and mad-cow-disease on mine if the same guy is dispatched from the phone company.

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