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No boom today... - Diary of a Necromancer
Excuse me, I'm making perfect sense, you're just not keeping up
No boom today...
The Spot has been pronounced harmless, and has been given leave to set out to seek its fortune anyway, 'cos I didn't want to be going through the OMG WAS THAT THERE BEFORE all over in a few years when I forgot it was there again or something. So my worrying energies can now be reassigned to the pool until the next disaster. When I will be in full-on and-I'm-allergic-to-sunscreen-dammit panic mode again, no doubt. (The problem with little moles is that I have such translucent skin right up at the top layers that a side view makes them look like a speck of something embedded in the skin, which is creepy as hell...)

Also, I saw another turtle while I was out and about, and the scruffy-looking heron that's been hanging around the area lately was standing in the river near the same spot later, possibly with malicious intent. Big wildlife day, as it goes. (I believe it was a different sort of turtle, too, much more domed than the snappers...)

Phone still misbehaving, but at least they're now copping to it being their problem and saying that the Alleged Guy who'll Allegedly come sometime this week shouldn't need to do anything that will involve our actual participation, which is always nice to not be sitting about waiting when they don't show...

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