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not sure if my brain is melting from the heat or the Stupid... - Diary of a Necromancer
Excuse me, I'm making perfect sense, you're just not keeping up
not sure if my brain is melting from the heat or the Stupid...
Well, onward to book 3 of Twilight. Possibly some more detailed remarks about New Moon to come, but for right now I'd like to pause at the midpoint to say, Dear Bella, you are not in love with Edward, you are obsessed with Edward, and the difference is kind of important. (Didn't the writer's your teachers ever point out that Romeo & Juliet is a cautionary tale, not an instruction manual?) Take a deep breath, tell both of these adolescents thanks but no thanks, get yourself some therapy, and go to college. And maybe find yourself a nice hippie commune to hang out with or something. I want to check back in with you in a few years to find you laughing at how small your "world" really turned out to be.

...That's not how it's going to play out, is it. {sigh}

In my Alleged Life, meanwhile, I'm signed up for a volunteer shift on a PBS pledge-drive. Basically the FAQ says "don't wear white, bring a sweater, we'll feed you". I think I can handle a 4-hour stint at that, especially since, um, I have the ulterior motive that I have a vague notion one of my characters would work there and having a look round would be for SCIENCE! Research...

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