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*headsplodey* - Diary of a Necromancer
Excuse me, I'm making perfect sense, you're just not keeping up
Latest uptick in the old blood-pressure is another problem with the water-heater: this time the motor's going and going but heating-of-water to a temperature that will appease it is not actually happening, so, as the water-heater lives in a cupboard in, basically, the middle of our flat, I am not-so-slowly going mad from this inescapable racket that's been going on for about 8 hours now, and have retreated here to where I can at least close a door between myself and it. The usual A Guy has been called to deal with the situation, but given this is the same guy who due to a series of miscommunications left us without hot water for more than a week the last time something went wrong with it, I am not in a Happy Place overall, not least because he's already revised his arrival-time from "before noon" to "1:30". And I haven't even got to anywhere in my head where I can worry about how much this is going to cost yet...

Edit, after The Guy finally showed at 2:30: Basically, no boom today, there's a part within the motor that's giving out and failed to trigger the burner to turn on (interestingly, I had noticed the absence of the usual 'whoomp' part of the starting-up sounds when I was showering last night) so it was just going HEAT UP HEAT UP DAMN YOU without actually, y'know, being on as such; it's sort-of-working for now and he'll come round with a new part next time it goes out. Didn't charge us for the look, thank god, but we're probably looking at the unit as a whole having a pretty limited remaining lifespan at this point. Need to start saving up pennies for a tankless -- anybody got any pennies...?

Also, I have still not had breakfast, because breakfast will involve going to the store to buy some food and his not showing up until Mum was leaving for work meant that that errand never happened, 'cos we weren't about to leave the situation unattended... Bother.

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