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Jane Fonda, She-Devil of the Viet Cong - Diary of a Necromancer
Excuse me, I'm making perfect sense, you're just not keeping up
Jane Fonda, She-Devil of the Viet Cong
If I had a gun I'd be going through a couple of TVs a week at this point. Case in point, Bill Schneider's piece this afternoon comparing the Democratic nominees to various specimens in the Westminster dog show. I have got to stop watching "Inside Politics" before I have a stroke from the indignation...

It will be interesting to see how long the Media can keep their attention focussed on AWOLgate before some other shiny object pops up to distract them. My own feeling on the subject is, if you're going to plaster the airwaves with scurrilous insinuations regarding John Kerry's presence at a Vietnam-era protest with Jane Fonda, then the other side's going to have to line up to take its own lumps. If Kerry's wartime activities are going to be relevant, then so are Bush's.

The point is not, as the GOPheads would have it, about the relative merits of service in the National Guard as opposed to the regular military; it's that whether or not GWB showed up for even that speaks to his ultimate credibility on the subject of sending other young men (and now women) into harm's way. Kerry, at least, based his opposition to that war on his own experience of having been in the thick of the combat, which is something that the average American can probably respect even if they happen not to agree. However, jumping the queue for a Guard posting and then not bothering to show up for it looks questionable at best. (Jane Fonda is her own problem.)

Bush and the GOP still haven't grasped that appearances do mean something, for both sides not just the other guy's; simply repeating over and over and over that "we're right, you're wrong" doesn't address the question of why the rumors are starting in the first place. Take the 9/11 Commission, for one example: footdragging and denials and stonewalling only serve to reinforce the impression that the footdraggers have something to hide, so why not come clean at the outset if you don't? Similarly, waiting this long to release what ANG records Bush may have had makes it look like it took them this long to forge something convincing at Kinko's. The only real question is how many more times we're going to fall for it. And it's almost beginning to look like it's dawning on the Media that they've been had...

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