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"Fiberfill Of The Daleks" Confidential #2 - Diary of a Necromancer
Excuse me, I'm making perfect sense, you're just not keeping up
"Fiberfill Of The Daleks" Confidential #2

Promo shots of the cast as they assemble for the last time during filming.

- Murray's so pissed he got his tentacles out for the photocopier.
- An' we're wearin' bows on our heads, man. Are we even old enough to be this drunk?
- Dude, we're midgets.
- 'S that the right word these days? Think it's s'posed to be... little people, or...
- That's leprechauns, innit? Fuck it, where's that bottle...

Yeah, the end of a shoot is always really emotional, you start looking around where everybody's already packed up their stuff from the trailers and it kind of makes your eyestalk fog up a little...

No joy, I went to six petrol stations but we've cleared out all the Twiglets in the metro area... Have I missed the party?

Dalek Piers is not happy about his scenes ending up on the cutting-room floor, and vows never to fall for the Sent Out For Snacks Gambit again.

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