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a whisk and my mobile phone charger - Diary of a Necromancer
Excuse me, I'm making perfect sense, you're just not keeping up
a whisk and my mobile phone charger
...And one terrifying detour through Disk Utility to repair the permissions later, George is still alive and well and now talking to the printer, which needed a new driver (trying to restart to see why it wasn't installing is where the cascade of Heart-Pounding Failure To Start Up Terror began...). And I have all of Gareth-that-was-Gaius's stuff, transferred over via a computer-to-computer Airport connection by virtue of remembering that GtwG had one even if he'd never been in a position to exploit a wireless connection. It took four hours, and there was probably an Easier Way, but the sheer relief that A) the stuff's in here and accessible from the main admin login, and B) I did not actually manage to brick this damn thing in record time like I was thinking for about half an hour here, is making me feel like, well, probably the world's gayest ninja, but so there. The one fly in the ointment is that I may need to pony up $30 to upgrade my word processor of choice to meet George's standards, unless the WTF WHO THE HELL ARE YOU behaviour it was giving me was also related to the transfer process having borked said permissions...

In other news, Weasel the Wonder Cat spent about five hours under the back deck outside this evening. She'd slipped out whilst I was weeding, and Snip, naturally, didn't mention this when I came back in; I only missed her when I went to clip Snip's claws and got to thinking that it had been unusually peaceful all night. Fortunately, Weasel is too dumb even to wander far, and got stuck in a dark corner near our back stairs, so once we twigged that she was not, in fact, anywhere inside the house it only took about five minutes to find her and fetch her back in, thoroughly traumatized and filthy, but unmolested by raccoons or Snip's boyfriends. (Some of whom may also be raccoons.) She seems already to have forgotten that anything happened. Snip has been stalking around muttering that it would have worked if it weren't for those darn kids...

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