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Life Goes On - Diary of a Necromancer
Excuse me, I'm making perfect sense, you're just not keeping up
Life Goes On
The latest semi-flightless avian to terrorise the neighbourhood is what appears to be an adolescent robin.


It's been outside complaining about being kicked out of the house for the last two hours. At one point it wandered under the shade of the deck above our living-room windows, where Snip promptly hopped up to read it the caution. It's currently griping from a height of about ten feet somewhere, so I'm not too worried about it since it obviously can fly even if it doesn't want to.

The grapevine, BTW, has it that someone alleging to be Foul Ole Ron's next-of-kin finally caught up to him a week or so ago and repatriated him to a coop somewhere, which would tally with my not having heard him in about that long. I have heard some subdued crowing from the garage two doors down since then, but that was definitely the more well-spoken one Ron had been having the argument with. So we still have chickens about, just not as free-range. Given that next door's are well-enough behaved that we weren't aware of them until Ron turned up, I can live with this state of affairs. So long as Ron doesn't bust himself out and come back looking for trouble.

Census operations seem to be winding down in general, as the Starbuck's where my Tuesday-night knit-group meets, which was so infested with enumerators being debriefed the first week that the knitters found ourselves having to shout, played host to a grand total of two last night, who appeared to have been turning in their assignment-books in defeat. As of the last paycheck, bank account is now $75.94 + tax short of a proper computer. Which is about what they 'accidentally' took out for Federal withholding on two of the weeks after I'd asked them not to. Bother.

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