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Bogus POTUS SotU, take three - Diary of a Necromancer
Excuse me, I'm making perfect sense, you're just not keeping up
Bogus POTUS SotU, take three
No sooner had I shut down and walked into the bathroom to wash my hands after preparing the cats' much-belated breakfast yesterday afternoon than did the promised plasterer appear on the scene; allegedly, once he had done what he decided he was going to do about the situation and wandered off again, this should be the end of the Maintainence Saga. My duties for later today include putting everything back into the closet, so we can, at long last, have the living room back.

When it became clear at about 4:30 that the plasterer wasn't coming back again, I locked the door and presently managed to fall sound asleep until 10:30, thereby neatly dodging the dilemna of whether to watch W stumbling his way through the SotU in its entirety. I gather from the subsequent barrage of clips that once again nothing much interesting happened. ("Interesting" meaning "head spinning around and vomiting up pea soup", for example, although I have seen clips of Ted Kennedy coming perilously close to Disapproving Of Things. One presumes Teddy will be dragged off for re-education forthwith.) Went back to bed after dinner, woke up at 3AM, fed the cats in a more timely manner at 5, and after reviewing the weather forecasts for the day I've decided to skip tonight's knitting MeetUp, which is a shame because last I looked that will put it below the cancellation threshold, but since I suspect that nobody else will be wanting to show up either on a night like this, well, there you go.

I may Get Something Done today, or I may go back to bed. Although considering that last night I fell asleep in front of an infomercial and wound up having a nightmare about nanotechnology and cloning the Beatles, this may not be the wisest tack to approach the day on.

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