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...this is why I don't make To Do lists - Diary of a Necromancer
Excuse me, I'm making perfect sense, you're just not keeping up
...this is why I don't make To Do lists
Hm, maybe if I itemize the stuff I'm trying to Get Around To it might help kick my brain out of neutral about actually settling down with any one of said projects for long enough to get some of it done:

  • 2500 word story suitable for the Big Finish thing -- Status: scrapped what little I already had and now Gibbering In Despair RE 29/3 deadline. You would think I could write something like that standing on my head by now, but Muse has apparently got two incompatible ideas smushed together ATM and they're getting on about as well as having one TARDIS stuck inside another. 2500 words is however short enough that I probably have another week before I'd have to say bugger this for a game of soldiers...

  • reading over, cleaning up, and rendering into HTML the Original Fiction Manuscript for posting here -- Status: did get a start on that before, but seem to have stalled out RE finding a long enough consecutive stretch of time to give it proper attention, what with the Olympics and the water heater and all the other 47 bazillion attention-sucks I've been mired in lately. Would like to get a start on posting this soon, as one of the fine points RE item #1 there is "your writing bio" and it would be nice to throw in at least a nod towards and here's one I prepared earlier, wotthehell...

  • Ongoing Fic Commitments -- Status: ongoing, to various degrees that are kind of counterproductive RE the first couple of points. Muse tends to stare at Blank Sheet #1 for six hours and then turn around and bang out a chapter of something else altogether instead, which is a result but not necessarily the one I'm after.

  • fics planned RE specific time-sensitive commitments -- Status: Signed up or have serious intent to sign up for two Big Bang - style challenges in the 2010 cycle, and currently juggling three ideas that would run to the appropriate length. This is a problem, actually, because idea #1 would only qualify in the first Bang, but idea #2 is currently jockeying to be written first, which means I'd have to queue up idea #3 for the second Bang and hold #1 for next go-round.

  • miscellaneous fic commitments -- Status: generally, misbehaving royally, to the extent that, um, Big Bang idea #2 is actually a sequel to something I haven't managed to finish yet...

  • That last meme thing -- Status: received and under consideration, awaiting spare brain capacity to write up proper answers and prepare new questions for incoming comments.

  • ACen -- Status: also waiting for spare brain capacity for dealing with Forms, as I never seem to remember about it until I'm about to switch off for sleep-cycle (like now).

  • finish reading library book about David Bowie that they want back on Tuesday -- Status: nibbling away, but hard to concentrate on it over the nagging feeling that I should be working on all these other items at the same time...

All of which is actually probably a contributing factor to this recent feeling of "can't brain, have The Dumb" I've been slogging around under, come to think of it...

feeling: busy busy

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