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Meta Thinkies Are Meta - Diary of a Necromancer
Excuse me, I'm making perfect sense, you're just not keeping up
Meta Thinkies Are Meta
Today's Shower Epiphany was that I really do approach the fanfic gig as a challenge to set to myself with my writing much like a poet decides to work within the constraints of an unusual form like the pantoum. This connection may or may not have been triggered by stumbling across an extremely NSFW Torchwood fic written in perfect Seussian verse. But my point is, the way the parts fit together is one integral object of the exercise, and that's apparently what I'm getting out of it. (Well, that and the fame, or at least Internet Notoriety.) The fact that the plotbunny labeled "Torchwood agents are students at Hogwarts" seems to have completely jumped the queue on me this week can therefore be justified on my writing schedule as the pursuit of an intellectually stimulating challenge to be worked out, and not merely yet another psychotic break, is just gravy.

However, it's still an unpaid gig. Will probably spend the weekend finalizing how to chop up and post the Original-Fiction Manuscript, maybe with some sort of option-to-skip-ahead-and-just-buy-the-damn-thing-already like a Lulu edition kicking in somewhere around the halfway point of whatever schedule looks reasonable. If I'm writing for myself, then I should Man Up and admit I'm writing for myself, and to hell with what's left of the traditional publishing world...

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