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...DAMMIT. - Diary of a Necromancer
Excuse me, I'm making perfect sense, you're just not keeping up
...And after several days of sleep disruption capped by a night of Rumbling Innards that meant not getting to bed until 3am, I still wake up at 6:30 for no good reason, and then the cats wake me again at 8:30 with their piteous cries once I do manage to drop back off. Then add to that the part where what sleep I am getting is disrupted by weird nightmares that aren't exactly horror-movie stuff as such, just murky symbolism of ongoing emotional threat-response Issues doubtless relating to the stress of the waking life. And this when the computer isn't even broken-to-the-point-of-actually-in-the-shop...

I think this all points towards New Year's Resolution = "find a damn income channel so you could at least relax about fixing/replacing the Mac if it comes to it again", since I'm demonstrably so traumatized by last May's episode and what I had to go through to bail Gareth-that-was-Gaius out of the shop for it that I can't even settle my brain down enough to work on the personal projects that I engage in to take my mind off the rest of my glaring Life Issues. But how to do that in this economy, when I've not even got the formal qualifications for most people's last-ditch "...you want fries with that?" Crap Jobs and everything else that I can think of to do is dependent upon the computer not going BOOM... {sighs, scratching head}

(A common thread the last time I was moaning seemed to be "volunteering", BTW -- anyone have more concrete suggestions along those lines of how to make connections to that? I am really at the point where I can't organize my way out of a paper bag so far as Thinking About My Life goes...)

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ljgeoff From: ljgeoff Date: December 30th, 2009 04:58 pm (UTC) (permalink this entry)

just a few suggestions

volunteer opportunities:

The Harris Theater suggests that you phone them at 312-334-2400. They seem to be looking for some kind of volunteer administrative help, and though it may be boring, you can usually do it sitting down and you don't need to wear a hair net. I'd consider it free training, and if you make friends, they may lead to other job tips and then there's the possible references.

Or, hey, call this number and sign up to be an extra: 1-888-913-9872 You never know, eh?

Americorp is looking for people for their Access Program: The Arab American Resource Corps (ARC) is the only national AmeriCorps program in the country offering individuals the opportunity to serve at the Arab-American community based organizatons. As an ARC member, individuals join a national team whose mission is to work together with Arab Americans to create lasting change while developing valuable life and leadership skills for the future.

Or if that doesn't ring your bell, just go over and create a profile on the Americorps site, and browse around.

I know that you do fiber arts. Do you know anything about weaving? Esperanza Community Services is looking for a volunteer to help with preparing and maintaining their weaving looms. "It is preferred that this volunteer have weaving loom experience. However, an individual can be trained to maintain the loom. The volunteer may work with the clients and should be comfortable in such an environment. Scheduling is flexible."

You can stop by at 520 North Marshfield Avenue, or call them at (312) 243-6097

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unhipster From: unhipster Date: December 31st, 2009 12:57 am (UTC) (permalink this entry)
Could you volunteer at an animal shelter? You obviously like cats...
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