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small miracles - Diary of a Necromancer
Excuse me, I'm making perfect sense, you're just not keeping up
small miracles
Much to my surprise, Maintainance just showed up to assess the wreckage they created yesterday, so evidently they Have Intentions of fixing the hole this afternoon. It remains to be seen if they make it back with a sheet of drywall, however. Keeping my fingers crossed amid skull-splitting yawns...

[a few moments later] Well, whaddya know, they are fixing it now. Remembering back to the period when I was camped out like a refugee in my father's spare bedroom for what turned out to be the last year of his life, when his landlord wrecked up the place relocating the fusebox and never got around to completing the repairs (one crew of painters that we'd been waiting for for over a month did finally show up the day he died, which was a bitch to try and explain to them), I have rather lost faith in landlordly ability to communicate accurately with maintainance drones in general. Let's see how good of a job they manage to do of it... [wanders off to keep cats from being bricked up in bathroom floor]

feeling: even more exhausted
now playing on Radio Earworm: thumping of contractors

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