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another year shot to hell - Diary of a Necromancer
Excuse me, I'm making perfect sense, you're just not keeping up
another year shot to hell
Year-end review time, let me see...

Novel completed, good. Query packages to sell novel not completed, not as good. 2003 resolution status: qualified success; 2004 resolution: place highest time-use priority on activities relating to selling of novel.

Socializing, much improved over previous year. [Going online now to see about mattwolff's new year's party, in fact: vast improvement over previous year's performance there just in finding a party to go to whether or not I even make it out the door.] 2003 resolution status: targets met, continue similar improvements for 2004.

Weight, um, well. 2003 resolution status: targets not met. 2004 resolution: more exercise needed; implement weekly 3-mile library walks as possible goal.

Finances, still crappy. See item #1; 2004 resolution to include cutoff date of 2005 RE selling novel or finding "real" job.

Videogame addiction, somewhat improved despite recent backsliding. 2003 resolution status: qualified success, continue similar improvements for 2004.

Overall, Subject has demonstrated improvement in most of the areas noted as problematic in previous year-end review and even made some attempts RE item #3 when driven by external circumstances (see August/September notes). Subject is encouraged to implement similar incremental improvements in lifestyle modes through year ending 12/31/2004.

feeling: businesslike
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