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status reports - Diary of a Necromancer
Excuse me, I'm making perfect sense, you're just not keeping up
status reports
The Manuscript's gotten there, at any rate. Not sure if the elapsed interval is the travel time for fourth-class mail or if it's got something to do with the detail that the initials are those of the main submissions editor and not some hapless intern-sort sent in to tackle The Phenomenal Mount Slushmore, 'orphans preferred'...

Since one presumes that the alleged '3 months response time' begins once they're aware of having the ms. in their hands, I'll update the 'Status' box to reflect this.

Saturday got crowded so we addressed the problem of the Mysterious Access Panel on Sunday. When Mum shifted the bookcase out of the way to find the panel completely off as I had reported to her on several occasions, we discovered that behind it lay a crawlspace large enough that I was rather surprised not to find Osama bin Laden hiding back there, or at least a family of raccoons. But any tenants it may have once housed had long since moved on, leaving only a foul smell. We put in part of tube #2 of the Combat gel and some borax for good measure, and, since the panel no longer actually fits onto its housing, sealed it back shut with duct tape, and caulked along the bottom where the floor was too irregular to duct-tape. This should stave off any colonization and/or illegal entry attempts in future, and I have been sleeping better for not having to imagine what might be lurking back there only a few feet away from the head of my bed. After this exercise, Mum put the rest of the gel around in the kitchen while I (finally) got a much-needed shower; confidence levels are high that if anything does think about moving in from elsewhere in the building as the landlord works out her extermination program, it's not coming in here without a fight.

We went out for groceries while the gel-stink aired out (I don't care what the box says, I can smell it), and when we came back in, Snip was a full-grown cat all of a sudden. This is the third abrupt change of state she's made while I was out for a few hours somewhere, and I keep expecting to find furry split carapaces in an odd corner where she's burst out of them.

The home-improvement project triggered an unexpected crisis the following night: Mum arrived home in a state of annoyance, having been trying to call up from downstairs for assistance carrying part of the groceries that had gotten left in the trunk overnight, and discovered that our phone didn't seem to be working. After some heated discussion as to whether the phone company had cut us off ahead of schedule (the bill is late, but the last communication from them gave us until the 2nd to sort it out), I remembered that the pile of boxes roughly corresponding to the location of the phone jack had been reconfigured when we accessed the Access Panel, and dove in for a look: 'here's your problem right here', I announced, holding out the phone cord which had gotten dislodged from the DSL splitter as the boxes were shifted. Mum is properly chagrined. :)

This afternoon got trashed doing eBay'ing scans of some miscellaneous collectibles I ended up with when my father died... five years ago. Now I remember why this has taken me five years to get around to... Trying to get it all written-up and posted for a 10-day starting Friday, but with Thanksgiving duties in the middle of that I may end up driving myself insane in the attempt. Wish me luck, I'm still $200 and some short of the kiln I've been looking at to get that glass-fusing sideline going...

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