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...procrastinated THAT long on the spring cleaning again, eh? - Diary of a Necromancer
Excuse me, I'm making perfect sense, you're just not keeping up
...procrastinated THAT long on the spring cleaning again, eh?
So, the bigfluffywarmduvet is back and wrestled onto the bed, which meant finding somewhere to put the spare blankets I've been huddling under all week. {glares at Animal} We've got a quilt-stand-thingie that I've long been meaning to use for this purpose, and it's been in the way in the living room anyway...

Setting up the quilt-stand-thingie means sweeping where it's going to go, because, not that slovenly.

And then there's this clean spot, sitting there making me feel guilty...

To sum up, because there is too much, at least now my entire bedroom-slash-office is tidied and swept, and I even went so far as to move the bed so I could put away the spare iMac I dragged out in an emergency, oh, about ten months ago now.

As to moving the bed: it's a double bed, bought flatpacked from Ikea and built in place because it does not fit through the door. It is also just slightly too big in relation to the rest of the furniture to uncover the whole of the floor beneath it at any one time.

At some point in the last... whenever... the Animal {glares at Animal} has managed to hork something up under the bed.

In exactly the place that it is not actually possible to move the bed clear of.

This vexes me.

On another cleaning-related note, it is also not possible to remove a dust-bunny from the handle of a cricket bat in a non-obscene manner. Just sayin'.

feeling: cleanly

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rennie_frog From: rennie_frog Date: December 14th, 2008 10:10 pm (UTC) (permalink this entry)
Tip the bed up on its end? With an IKEA tie down strap or two around it to keep everything from jumping off?
robling_t From: robling_t Date: December 15th, 2008 11:10 am (UTC) (permalink this entry)
That's... actually not all that bad an idea, although I kind of suspect the headboard would still end up interfering with a nontrivial segment of the total floor area...
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