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you'll sleep when you're dead - Diary of a Necromancer
Excuse me, I'm making perfect sense, you're just not keeping up
you'll sleep when you're dead
All I want for xmas is a couple of these.

Knitting MeetUp tonight, to which I once again ended up dragging crochet because the next knitting project I have in mind uses the same yarn as the bed-throw I'm working on and so I need to finish that first in order to see how much of that yarn will be left over, before I go and lay in a fresh supply. (It's no-dye-lot 'Red Heart' in black and mexicana, which is rather crap but it's my price-range.) I looked at my watch as we were breaking up and it was a quarter to ten! I'm really getting into this MeetUp thing, it's great for staving off the "I've been shut up in this hole writing since when?" blues...

Creepycrawly count for 11/19: 0. Dare I hope the Combat gel is working and the mice have caught on to the presence of the cats...? Still coming down from generalized state of freaked-out-ness. Hoping that by Friday or so I'll have calmed down long enough to take a shower... Sleep pattern very disrupted: I spent the last two days up all night online and then at work all day with Mum, being driven around while I went in and out of something that was more shutdown than sleep. Maybe tonight I will be enough less edgy to pass out on my bed instead of getting to 6am and saying 'to hell with it, I'll go out with you again'... (I feel like such a wuss about this issue, but dammit, it's almost 2004, why haven't the little sixlegged bastards been rendered extinct through some Miracle Of Technology by now? Remind me never to move to New York, either, I'd never sleep again...)


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