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...Ow. - Diary of a Necromancer
Excuse me, I'm making perfect sense, you're just not keeping up
  • New Thing Learned for 17 August: Jazz enthusiasts in the former Soviet Union pressed their underground recordings onto old x-ray films. This is one of the most insanely cool things I've ever heard of. [Source: Wikipedia.]

  • New Thing Learned for 18 August: Andrew Johnson's impeachment trial didn't even begin until March of 1868, so I don't want to hear any more BS about Certain Parties running out the clock, god damn it. [Source: Wikipedia.]

  • New Thing Learned for 19 August: K1, *K1, K 2 stitches on right-hand needle tog through back loop, lather rinse repeat. [Source: Mystery Stole 3, Pink Lemon Twist Knits.]

  • New Thing Learned for 20 August: Isaac Hayes' 1971 Academy Award for the theme from Shaft was the first non-acting Oscar received by an African-American. [Source: WGN morning news.]

Bought supplies to Do Up My Closet, but haven't gotten around to actually putting them in yet -- I fully expect this to take another year. Much hilarity was had during the cutting of the wire shelving, when it turned out that the only way I could work the jumbo snipper without giving myself a DIY mastectomy was to wedge one handle of it into my armpit, which was an awkward position in itself since this meant that the other handle was nearly the length of my arm away. They did also have a pneumatic-assisted snipper, but it had "YOU'LL PUT YOUR EYE OUT" figuratively written all over it and y'all know how impossible it ever is to get a salesdrone's attention in places like that, so I managed to muddle through on manual, and even got through it before anyone came up to ask me if I worked there, which happens to me about every third time I go in Home Despot anyway. Score one for the Militant Feminist Home-Improvement Brigade.

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