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Well, that's all right, then. - Diary of a Necromancer
Excuse me, I'm making perfect sense, you're just not keeping up
Well, that's all right, then.
We interrupt our regularly scheduled broadcast to break into a brief rendition of the Hallelujah Chorus, as I have unexpectedly learned what went wrong with my CafePress account and finally gotten it fixed! It's been so long that I forget if I even blogged about it here {goes to look and finds a vague reference to troubles from around the right time}, but, the short version is, at some point in life's grand journey of changing computers and email addresses, my login info for the account somehow got hosed to the point of seeming unrecoverability, and there the matter seemed to rest -- until today's snailmail brought in a small commission check, forwarded on from the Old Place, that just so happened to mention the email that was now associated with the account. (And I digress here to mutter darkly about the original CS drone who could have just used a couple of brain cells to figure out that "$NAME@CARRIER@CARRIER" looked a little funny, RE email address formats... but so.) Armed with that new scrap of information, I was able to get in far enough to reset the password et al and correct the original mistake, and now my quixotic little sideline in seditious political materials is back in business, for all that that's worth a couple of elections on. Oh, and I owe Mum $3.74 from a couple of her designs that I had on there as well. The moral of this story is that eventually some things do work themselves out, and always remember to set your recovery questions...

  • New Thing Learned for 19 May: Doritos are not meant to taste like tartar sauce or anything in the "fish" category. Although they were still better than the escargot pizza. [Source: impulse purchase for carneggy's Bad Movie Party.]

  • New Thing Learned for 20 May: The bits on the end of a zipper that opens all the way are called the box and the pin. You really, really need to know these sorts of things. [Source: yup, "How It's Made" again...]

  • New Thing Learned for 21 May: The taimen is a Russian salmon the size of a grown human. It and its equally huge neighbor in the Amur river, the kaluga, feature in shapeshifting tales of the region similar to Celtic selkie legends. [Source: The sixth extinction : journey among the lost and left behind, Terry Glavin.]

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