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aftermath - Diary of a Necromancer
Excuse me, I'm making perfect sense, you're just not keeping up
  • New Thing Learned for 13 April: To plotz, as ashnistrike describes it, is "to collapse, from exhaustion or shock or delight". The interesting thing here is that I know exactly the gesture she's describing, I just never knew that that was what was connected to the idiom, and if I'd had to guess from the context I would have said "to puke". [Source: ashnistrike.]

  • New Thing Learned for 14 April: Canadian Ministers of Finance are expected to wear new shoes when presenting the budget. This is quite possibly the silliest thing i've ever heard. [Source: Wikipedia.]

  • New Thing Learned for 15 April: The garden gnome was not made of solid resin. [Source: an unfortunate accident that left him a double amputee.]

Weasel turned out to be hiding in plain sight on top of the bookcases in the living room, uninjured but for her fragile psyche. Snip was still so riled up that I had to carry her into another room and ply her with drugs until she was too goofy to care that Weasel was conveniently on her own side of the glass; all told, it took the rest of the day for Snip, Defender of the Faith, to turn back into Snip, mere Eater of the Food. I hope both those cats were sufficiently off-put by the appearance of the strange human not to come back, or Weasel may be in for a rough summer.

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