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mmm, publicity whoring... - Diary of a Necromancer
Excuse me, I'm making perfect sense, you're just not keeping up
mmm, publicity whoring...
Chicago Tonight is finally running the segment on the city's knitting thingie tonight at 7; I'm pretty sure that despite my best efforts I didn't make it into the camera's line-of-sight during the shoot, but on the off chance that the back of my head might have, it might be worth a look, so go set your TiVos...

  • New Thing Learned for 19 March: Those camouflage rigs that hunters and soldiers wear with all the leaves and stuff stuck all over are called ghillie suits and yes, there is a connection to Scottish ghillies. [Source: eBay.]

  • New Thing Learned for 20 March: My new congressman, Rahm Emanuel, lost part of his right middle finger in a meat-slicing accident as a teenager. Yes, I suppose Congress is a safer job... [Source: the Colbert Report.]

  • New Thing Learned for 21 March: Camille Pissarro was a practicing anarchist. [Source: Jeopardy!.]


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