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All I want for Xmas - Diary of a Necromancer
Excuse me, I'm making perfect sense, you're just not keeping up
All I want for Xmas
Just walked back in from my third trip to the dentist in ten days, grargh. The first trip was a regularly scheduled appointment for a molar filling, routine enough, and she's a nice dentist who has The Touch, so I'm actually happy enough to finally be getting this stuff taken care of. However... My teeth are weird. The molars, in particular, seem to need a lot more clearance than most dentists are expecting when they fill them. I noticed when the novocaine wore off later that afternoon that something was flat where the opposing tooth wasn't expecting it, so I decided to call the dentist back about it in the morning, and in the meantime, I went over to Walgreens to get one of those polymer mouthguards that keep you from grinding your teeth together in your sleep, since the dentist says I need one anyway (I bit through my upper retainer, so I do believe her) and it seemed like a good idea to get it now so I didn't do any damage to the new filling (...or the opposing tooth) before I could go in to have it adjusted, which turned out to be the next afternoon.

But that's only two visits, you say? Well, the problem is, sometime along in here, and I don't remember exactly when, I brained myself on the freezer door. It's about the fourth time I've done this already in this new place; if I reach too far into the refrigerator, I don't always clear the handle of the freezer door on my way out. I hit my head hard enough that I was feeling it for a good five minutes, and in retrospect I recall whanging my teeth together with enough force to make a note of it.

Monday night, as I sat much like this at my computer, I felt something in the front of my mouth go "...click" where no click should be. Odd, I thought to myself, and resolved to keep an eye on the situation.

A while later, "...There, it did it again!"

Now, I am fiercely protective of my front teeth in particular -- as I told the dentist today, I didn't spend four years enduring old-fashioned metal braces to end up with Billy-Bob teeth anyway, so I worry especially about the ones that show -- so as you can imagine, the feeling of an incisor shifting, even a little, Gets My Attention. So I monitored the situation, at turns hopeful and panicky, until by Wednesday I realized that at this point I was too freaked out about the very idea of what might be going on behind the scenes to even eat my dinner, and decided to call the dentist first thing Thursday to see if there was a chance of them fitting me in before my next appointment in December, just to make sure that none of my teeth had it in mind to jump ship on me.

To make a long, emotionally draining story short, my dentist is about to leave for a vacation in her native Thailand (which is why my next regularly-scheduled appointment is in December), but apparently I sounded alarmed enough that she agreed to see me on Friday (today). I sat around for the rest of Thursday deeply appreciating what one's two front teeth really do for your mouth that you never notice most of the time, woke up relieved to find that all my teeth appeared to have shown up for work in reasonable order, and hied myself over there this afternoon with way too much enthusiasm for the usual dental visit.

The final diagnosis, after a thorough examination including an x-ray, is that whatever it was doing, it wasn't doing it now, of course, but the best guess about it is that walloping my head on the freezer door probably did some minor but annoying damage to the tiny blood vessels that feed the gums, and that sort of bruising/trauma is what I was feeling; the haphazard fit of the mouthguard can't have helped matters (I'd already stopped using it after the first two nights because I realized I need a wider one), but nothing seems to be permanently wrong in any "OMG I didn't know you played hockey!" sort of future-implications sort of way, if it's already healed this much, and so long as I was in there she filled a minor surface cavity on one of the upper-fronts to catch it while it's small. So I still can't feel my nose for novocaine, but at least I'm reassured that I'm not going to amuse my Relations with any live performances of "Conrad Poohs and his Dancing Teeth" next Thursday. And she nipped off one last awkward spot on the original filling, too. :)

The upshot of which is that I'm going to go take the handle off the freezer door now, so this will never happen again. With this appliance. :)

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agentxpndble From: agentxpndble Date: November 17th, 2006 11:20 pm (UTC) (permalink this entry)
::::HUGS::: Dentists! Gack! :::HUGSAGAIN:::
robling_t From: robling_t Date: November 18th, 2006 12:02 am (UTC) (permalink this entry)
She's a very nice dentist, which considering that the last one had the bedside manner of Doc Cottle and the one before that was a quack is a vast relief; still, there are nicer ways to spend an afternoon. (I miss the dentist I had back when my teeth first started coming in, why did he have to get so old and retire on me? :) )
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