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In Which Things begin to Happen. - Diary of a Necromancer
Excuse me, I'm making perfect sense, you're just not keeping up
In Which Things begin to Happen.
Once again I have successfully recorded a month's worth of Media Consumption: only 13 books, which can be attributed to WisCon-related insanity, but more surprisingly just one film watched in the whole month -- although films I ended up not being able to notch up for May included The Aviator, which I fell asleep during and didn't think enough of to bother restarting it later, and Munich, which I turned off after about an hour because the violence was beginning to feel pornographic. (Nothing against Film Violence, per se, but the director seemed to be enjoying it a little too much here.) June should be better from a film-consumption perspective, though, with one already on the list (Transamerica, which arrived while I was in Madison -- fortunately Mum doesn't know how to work the player :) ) and another arrived in today's mail.

July's figures, however, will probably be in the toilet, as we are in the final stages of Buying A Condo; if all continues to go well, we close on a place on the 29th, and will spend the next six weeks (our current landlord having decided to be a dick about when the "60 days notice" kicked in) lugging our stuff over load by load as time permits. This suits us fine, since there's only room in here to pack a quarter of our stuff at any one time before some of it has to be taken away to make room to do the rest. We will, however, need to arrange for a heftier mode of transport for the furniture towards the end...

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