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it just keeps going, and going, and... - Diary of a Necromancer
Excuse me, I'm making perfect sense, you're just not keeping up
it just keeps going, and going, and...
Workshop writeups completed, and stuffed into Backpack of Holding with a minimum of fuss, as I had the bright idea of slipping them down to form a nice non-poky-substrate for the surface that contacts my back. Also, had the bright idea to check while I was in there that I could access clothes for Thursday and Friday mornings without having to unpack the entire bag, since I'm changing crash-spaces Friday afternoon; reasonably satisfied with current arrangements, esp. as some of the load's hardest-to-fit components will presumably have been eaten by that point.

Plus, had further Bright Idea to transfer the .RTF file of the writeups onto my keychain-drive, on the grounds that the Backpack of Holding may suffer whatever terrible fate the Luggage Gods could have in mind for it en route, but the Flash drive's attached to me, so... well, let's not go there, okay? Anyway. I am now Prepared to within reasonable tolerances, allowing for the ADD and all, and have only to remember to actually leave the house tomorrow afternoon, which is never a given. Oh, and to fill up my water-bottle. Must remember water-bottle... {wanders off, muttering to Self}

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