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Housecleaning, or, "Could someone hand me the shovel...?" - Diary of a Necromancer
Excuse me, I'm making perfect sense, you're just not keeping up
Housecleaning, or, "Could someone hand me the shovel...?"
The Jacket That Ate My Brain is done, at least the knitting portion; the final round of pictures shall be along once we find time to run it over to the laundromat-with-the-big-machines for its date with destiny, probably this Sunday. And yes, I was still working on it at Tuesday's knitting-guild meeting, although I had successfully achieved Sleeve Closure the night before and so I was only beefing up the shawl-collar with what yarn was left over. Bootlegged photos of the nearly-finished work have already hit the internets... It will not be quite this big after Sunday, I hope and pray.

(And yes, that's a Doctor Who scarf there on the floor in that photo...)

So, now that that mammoth task is out of the way, I have no choice but to get back to the serious work of trying to get this craphole into some sort of shape where we can actually move out of it once the time comes. Spent Thursday sorting through the mountain of debris that had accumulated on my desk prior to its being shoved off upon Gaius's arrival, which meant a lot of mumbling to myself as I tried to make out my own handwriting in the margins of things as I decided which papers needed to be packed up and which could go into the dumpster-bound pile. (I'm still puzzling over a scrap that appears to read, "Now that she's lost her status she'll have to learn to wash my underpants", which I believe may have been a quote from some movie or other.) Also began the process of sorting the vinyl into "already replaced", "need to replace", and "to hell with it", for lugging over to Half-Price Books for disposal at some future date along with some sacks of books previously so designated.

[Digression: is anybody out there currently set up to rip vinyl to some form of digital media? I do have a couple of albums in the "need to replace" pile which I'm guessing aren't currently available...]

Today's task was boxing-up what I had sorted on Thursday -- current score, 4 boxes taped up and ready to move. I am particularly pleased about this because I managed to rearrange my "office" to the point where I could at least get it swept, for once, as I was going along. I've also placed my yarn-dyeing supplies into a box, but not sealed it yet, since our moving timetable is still nebulous as yet and I may find the time to get into them once or twice more before it's time to really settle things and get out. Mmm, living in boxes...

Next pit to tackle: the Worktable of Doom! Just finding the surface will be an accomplishment...

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darqstar From: darqstar Date: March 25th, 2006 03:19 pm (UTC) (permalink this entry)

In case I don't get on LJ tomorrow...

Happy Birthday!
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