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C-I-L-L mah neighbors - Diary of a Necromancer
Excuse me, I'm making perfect sense, you're just not keeping up
C-I-L-L mah neighbors
Oh, joy, we have a new set of Idiot Neighbors to rival Jeremy and his lady-friend in their claim to the Slappy, an award I mentally give out to the performers in our little White-Trash Domestic Disturbance Theatre summer rep company shows. This one's violent-sounding enough that I've broken down and called 911, to be informed that the cops were already on their way over because I'm not the first to have noticed that the argument seemed rather, um, sustained and throwy. Oh, the joys of city living in the summer...

[LATER, before I arrived at the point of hitting 'post': it's about 20 minutes since I became aware of the fracas and it's suddenly quiet on the Western front. One does hope it's due to the arrival of said peace-officers, because if they've killed each other Stooge, Stooge & Stooge Maintainance Services aren't exactly diligent enough to notice until the carcasses start to stink up the joint... {sigh}]

[EDIT, 1:44: Oh, god, they're at it again... The female party appears to be the aggressor, from what I can make out; I've heard a slap followed by a male grunt of outrage, and a tirade from the female that was interrupted by water splashing down onto the roof outside {trying very hard not to imagine the scene w/ this one}, and just now the female party briefly resumed her shrieking, as if the cops had her but let her come back inside for a moment. Stopped again, though...]

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