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Bad Muse! No pancakes! - Diary of a Necromancer
Excuse me, I'm making perfect sense, you're just not keeping up
Bad Muse! No pancakes!
This morning metaquotes brings us a description I found particularly apt:

"You know, if there is something to this "muse" stuff, then a muse is like a careless, unpredictable friend who shows up erratically and drags you off to wild parties and gets you trashed so that you stumble home late in the morning and fall asleep until three in the afternoon and lose your job. And then come down with an STD. " -- eliade

Mine has been demanding pancakes all morning. It appears to be some sort of a threat.

On Sunday I went over to Arcadia to verify that they do not, just as I recalled, carry Clover DPN's, which means going without until the next time I can get myself to Close Knit before 4:30 on a Saturday. I had made the mistake of surfing by Knitty.com beforehand, and this lace scarf implanted itself in my brain, insisting that since I've ventured into the complexities of sl2-K-P2SSO anyway for the purposes of the llama-scented shawl, this would be the perfect project for that ball of red mohair I find myself petting every time I'm in that yarn shop. So, not wanting to have completely wasted the trip, I went browsing across the shelf of red yarns.

But the blasted little tribble wasn't there this time. Surprised, since that yarn has been lying in wait for me on every visit for the last five months, waiting for its petting due just like a cat, I went all the way around the display of reds twice, checking that the stock hadn't been rearranged. Nope; I was finally in the mood to buy that yarn, and cruel fate discontinued it, just like everything else I become attached to. So I turned around and browsed disconsolately along the pinks and purples, making halfhearted mental notes as I wondered if this were a seasonal change or somesuch. Is mohair more of a winter project, perhaps? Well, let's see what's down in the sale bin, so long as I'm in here --

And LO, what's this ball of red fluff in the sale bin today? Why, the very yarn I sought, waggling a markdown tag at me impatiently. There's only the one left, which is why it's landed in the bin, but one is enough for a slightly shorter version of the scarf, so home with me it went. Sometimes things do work out after all...

(And then this morning Weasel got the empty Arcadia bag looped around her neck and nearly died of fright rattling around the house, but then this is a cat who keep getting lost between the blinds and the window, so we've come to expect this sort of thing. Must put "Arcadia bags" on household list of hazardous items...)
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klgaffney From: klgaffney Date: May 24th, 2005 04:30 pm (UTC) (permalink this entry)
*points at metaquote* yeeeeeah. that sounds about right. but on the other hand, these same friends are also the only ones that know their way around the town you're living in now. *grumble*
atlanticat From: atlanticat Date: May 24th, 2005 04:41 pm (UTC) (permalink this entry)
The Pancakes are telling you that you must come to Meetup. ;)
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