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The important thing was that I had an onion on my belt, which was the style at the time. - Diary of a Necromancer
Excuse me, I'm making perfect sense, you're just not keeping up
The important thing was that I had an onion on my belt, which was the style at the time.
Still pondering the ramifications of the election of Pope Buttercup MCMXXVII, and wondering if it's something to do with the dreaded Prophecy of St Malachy that I ended up watching the drama unfold live with Mum and a pair of workmen who had come round to see to an electrical emergency. (Which, typically, isn't exactly fixed, as such, merely rendered less likely to burn the joint down in the short term.) Myself, I'm leaning towards the "this is the last Pope, who destroys the Church as currently constituted" school of thought all of a sudden, but if nothing else, the tinfoil-hat crowd should be especially entertaining from now on.

(We had, actually, been watching the Price is Right while we were having the workmen wandering around, because it doesn't require too much concentration to follow in bits and snatches, and in fact didn't realize at first that it had switched back to PopeCam coverage since neither of us were paying attention just at that moment. I'm sure that by now it has been reported back to the landlady that her tenants are a couple of raving Catholics, although the one of them who appears to be Generally In Charge of the maintainance schedule did agree with my irreverent observation that the new Pope kept doing the Mr. Burns thing with his hands.)

Mum was home because the car had been in the shop over the weekend for a repair that turned out to be relatively minor although worrisomely strange -- Friday afternoon the accelerator pedal had suddenly stopped responding, which turned out to be a snapped cable somewhere. I will say this for our car, it's certainly quite inventive about its fits. Fortunately the garage called while we were all watching the PopeCam feed, so I went over with Mum when she went to pick the car up, and we proceeded from there on to the heavy-lifting errands that hadn't gotten done on Saturday and Sunday.

Where I think I was going with this is that everything fell into place for my appointment at the Jeopardy! auditions on Wednesday: Papist carryings-on brought to a speedy conclusion so I wouldn't miss a moment of Not Really Caring Anyway But Oooh, Swiss Guards! (although the ovaries are now in an actively breaking-glass "I CUT J00 H0R!!!!" state of disagreement with the rest of my internal organs and couldn't be reached for comment), and car back in our care so I could at least get over to the site in a timely manner, since the tryouts this year are inconveniently being held in a function room at Navy Pier and I've had it up to there with the #66. Got dropped off at 7:22 for the 9AM appointment and pootered around in the warm early-morning sunshine for a while before going in to find the room; there were already a few people waiting, which eventually swelled to a crowd of maybe 70 by the estimate of a guy who said this was his fourth tryout for this show and he'd already been on Millionaire. (Got to $125,000 and blew himself back to $32,000 with an unwise guess.)

The test was much like last time, only they've gotten some nicer pens in the interval and the testers were more vivacious. Passed again, one of seven this time, and having been on the spot once already I was more prepared for the mock-show part, although I still think I'm losing bubbly-points on the "so, tell us about yourself" remarks one is expected to make. We'll see, anyway. (The guy who'd been on Millionaire, BTW, passed, and is now 4 for 4 without yet being invited on. In fact, of the 7 passing scores, four of us had already passed at least once.) I still don't think the test is so phenomenally hard, but feel free to call me a freak, people often do.

Got back outside afterwards around 11 to discover that Nature had cruelly yanked away the balminess of the morning, and froze all the way over to the Red Line on foot. {sigh} Still beats the #66, though.

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unhipster From: unhipster Date: April 22nd, 2005 01:58 am (UTC) (permalink this entry)
Hey, I have the same b-day as the new pope! =D
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