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Rightie-o, I finally appear to have achieved Draft or at least 'screw it I want this out of my hair' with this one, so:

Trevor and Jason, Vignette #54: Jason decides to take the long way back...Collapse )

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Inner Jason is, of course, insisting that he's bigger, 'cos, bloke.

But probably not by a hell of a lot.

(Standing dog weighs circa 175, according to the yes-actual-size handler behind him. Soooo... yeeah, new Werewolf Reference Pic, there. They're wolfhounds who were doing a demo at an Irish-fest, which BTW Inner Trevor spent most of quietly swearing a blue streak about for reasons known only to Muse just like he did the last time I went; I'm not sure whether his issue is with culturally-appropriative 'celtic' souvenirs or bodhrans, though one can see a case for either.)

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BTW, it has now been proven by SCIENCE! that yes, this area is just about as flat as it gets. Inner Trevor will just be over here complaining about the lack of scenery on the road-trip some more...


So, I haven't been imagining this all this while:


Yeah. That happened.

I also had thoughts about the new Godzilla movie, which were, basically, on the one hand, that is the way to do a fucking Godzilla movie, but on the other, would it really have killed them to try interrogating the White Male Hero trope even a little bit? -- but, um, yeah, see above, I'll just be over here running around in circles making funny little noises for a while. Very, very funny little noises.

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I don't think I've taken Inner Trevor to a garage sale before.


The best I can say about the experience is that now he owes me $3.

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Long Hidden is out today.

If anyone needs me, I'll be over here listening to Inner Jason ribbing Inner Trevor mercilessly about the haircut and suspenders braces.

(I ain't explainin'. You'll just have to go buy the book.)

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And speaking of animals you don't generally think of as being able to climb a chain-link fence:


Given the general location, the odds are good that this is Gamera, or at any rate I'm not gonna sleep at all tonight thinking that there's more than one this size down there...

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It's May the first, and it's literally physically too cold to do any of the items on my "yeah, that's just kind of sitting there in the way and I should do something about that" list: it's too cold and damp to dye yarn, it's too cold and damp to plant any of the plants we rather optimistically bought last weekend, and it's even too cold and damp to be sitting here now trying to concentrate on a screen much less type straight, never mind trying to knit with shivering fingers and sinuses full of mold-spores and treesex. Nor, for that matter, can I seem to keep it together well enough to read, either.

I think I shall turn the furnace up, some more, and go waste the rest of the afternoon trying to find something I can focus on on the telly, and then give it up for a bad job and go back to bed until about Memorial Day.

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Right, then, picking up where we left off before the temperature dropped below freezing and stayed there for four months, which apparently turns out to be #1 on the "Conditions I Cannot Work Under" list...

Trevor and Jason, Vignette #53: When we arrive at his grandparents' house...Collapse )

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It may tell you everything you need to know about my family that they still send me mail addressed to the name I stopped using twenty years ago, which isn't even their-side's name in the first place. To be fair, I don't know that I've ever actually brought this up as A Thing to them, but then again, that gets into some chicken-and-egg arguments about whether it would have registered anyway...

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