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Having gone through just about every name we could think of besides No Alcohol Lager and not had anything stick, the Kitten Formerly Known As Jasper has been formally dubbed the Gray Mouser, Mouse for everyday. It's a bit cliche and obvious, yes, but after two weeks the situation was getting a bit silly.

Snip has just about given up trying to wish him into the cornfield. Just about.

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So, this happened:


His shelter-name was Jasper, which we obviously need to change ASAP for the sake of his dignity and ours, before it starts to stick. He is also, as the pronoun suggests, a dude-cat, which in near-forty years of welcoming feline overlords is a brand-new thing for our household; fingers crossed that they're telling the truth about early neutering taking care of the spraying thing, we've already got one cat with enough issues around here.

So far Snip is... unresolved about having a new flatmate; fortunately this time we have the luxury of having another room to shut the new introduction into, so we can take it as slowly as we can this time (unlike the Incident in which Snip ended up taking over a studio apartment from established-tenant Weasel, which may have had more than a bit to do with the subsequent 12-year standoff). We have two weeks' no-fault fostering-period to get her to come around...

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I've knit ahead a bit on the Blanket Project to clear the workflow roster for a piece I need to knit to a deadline, so long as I had a bit of time before the yarn for that gets here. Somebody remind me to pick this up again in June, OK?

Nothing in particular to report regarding this batch besides that purling more than 3 stitches together is still a stupid idea, and I'm getting a better sense of when to declare that a given pattern has sufficiently made its point that I can fill in the rest of an irritating swatch with garter-stitch, as I've done twice in the strips here (once after a mere 9 rows demonstrated that the results, while correct, were not only difficult to work but too hideous to really be worth the trouble).

Also, that bag is what five months of knitting 4x4" bits every day makes. It's kind of scary.

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In the absence of competition, Snip has let herself go a bit.

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OK, so, writers out there: how do you tell the difference between genuine concerns about whether a story is working properly in terms of where you mean to go with it, and Brainweasels trying to convince you that DOOM IS YOUR LOT and this idea was never going to work in the first place and there's still time to give up before anyone sees you? Because I seem to be thoroughly mired in the 3/4 Of The Way Along Slough Of Self-Doubt, here.


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In happier news, the Blanket Project is still on-track, with today's swatch representing yet another completed strip, although as you can see I did hit "bugger this" after two full six-row repeats of back-to-back "p3tog/YO/p3tog again" across the WS rows and decided that I'd grasped the point sufficiently to just fill in the rest of that one with garter-stitch. I've also hit my first penalty-lap knitting of the 29 February stitch, because (appropriately enough, I suppose?) 1 April's "Bramble Stitch" is actually a duplicate of "Trinity Stitch" from an earlier swatch. I know that there's at least one more duplicated pattern coming up in a few weeks, I'll use the 31 December pattern there and then alternate between the extras if I encounter any more sloppy proofreading. *Ahem*.

Also going on in my Alleged Life, I have three weeks left to get the rest of the story I hope to submit for Long Hidden 2 together, and as of high noon an army of workmen have finally turned up to saw out the wall just outside our back door to fix a pipe that that's been sporadically gushing water back there since sometime in early-to-mid March. This wouldn't be doing much for my ability to concentrate if I were on meds...

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Weasel is no longer with us.

She'd been looking increasingly frail over the winter, as cats who are somewhere around eighteen years old do, but her decline had accelerated in the past month (these two pictures are two weeks apart). She was walking more and more shakily and curling up to sleep in random places:
About last Wednesday we realised that neither of us had seen her eat anything since one tiny scrap of bacon on Monday; we made her as comfortable as we could, but by the weekend it was plain that she was so done with this BS. So, we did the kindest thing and took her for the last ride on Tuesday, which was the earliest we could arrange at that point and I think half of what feels so bad about the overall experience is that the timing had to put her through about two extra days of I Am Really Not Having Any Fun At This Point. I've never had a cat actually up and die of natural causes -- though for about the last two weeks we kept expecting that we'd walk in one night and find her gone -- but this is about the closest it's come, so I suppose the only regret should be that it's such a hard call to make regarding someone else's quality of life, and I can only hope that somebody would pay so much consideration to me when and if a time like this comes.

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Back in the Salad Days.

Weasel is survived by her utterly indifferent roommate.

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The Blanket Project continues apace, and with 6 of the projected 26 strips now in the books I'm thinking that the best plan for eventually joining up into something that's y'know, usable, given some irregularities in width and the part where I really should have planned in a selvedge-stitch if I was going to seam these, is to weave them together once they're all done and have a double-thick lap-blanket of about 4' square. Ish. Yes, this means that half of the blocks will end up wrong-side-out, but srsly, it's not exactly as if this thing was going to be pretty in the first place and as to its value as a reference-book, most of that's in the actual knitting-up of it anyway. So. JUST TRY AND STOP ME.

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Just a PSA to remind you that, just as the change to Daylight Savings Time is a reminder to change out your smoke-detector batteries, the arrival of meteorological spring apparently means it's time to change out your toilets. That is all.

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The blanket project is ticking right along, and at the end of week seven we had another Executive Decision, in that that narrow two-colour part of the needlewards swatch here took longer to knit than did the entirety of the single-colour variation that I switched to after looking up at the clock and saying "screw this". If I should run into this stitch again as a plain one-colour stitch later I'll knit one of the unused stitches from Feb. 29 or Dec. 31 as a penalty-lap instead.


Also, Snip would like everyone to know that it is very cold out and the Management should be baking more for the sake of her comfort. That is all.

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